Selective Service MAG

By Trenton O., Highland, UT

     I strongly disagree with Sean M., who, inthe February issue, argued that American women will never truly be equalwith men until they too must sign up with the Selective Service whenthey turn 18.

I find it ridiculous when Sean M. states thatupon turning 18, the men of this country are forced to sign away theirsouls to their country. The last time our men were drafted was for theVietnam War. Since 1973 the United States Army has been completelyvolunteer, so the statement that men have to enter into battle becauseof the draft (and maybe die) is absurd. Luckily for us, we have a greatpresident who strongly believes in an all-volunteer army and will fightto keep it that way. But, if someday the draft is reinstated,don’t worry - you can always refuse to fight. Brave men will fightto keep America free, and you can move to Canada.

I have a motherand two sisters. They are beautiful, delicate women who mean the worldto me. I cringe at the thought of them in a uniform, carrying a weaponand fighting our country’s enemies. Don’t get me wrong,there are honorable women in our military who do many important things.But let’s face it, the average man is bigger and stronger than theaverage woman. The fighting and killing should be left to the males. Ifa draft were enacted, I would gladly fight for our country if it meantkeeping my sisters safe at home and far from the ugliness of war that nowoman should be forced to see.

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