Walking MAG

By Stephanie W., Cedar Hills, UT

     I read "Walking" by Chris R.about his friend on drugs who can’t get off them. Chris described his friend as acting like an idiot and a moron, but I think Chris is a moron, too. His statement that "anyone can try it once" is stupid. If his friend had not tried it once, he would not be an addict. Chris is lucky that he is not an addict, too.

The only way to avoid the damage of drugs is never to try them. It’s too bad Chris can’t connect the dots. He seemed to miss the connection of "trying it once" and the very real possibility that a small experiment can lead to a destroyed life. He seems surprised that his friend can’t quit. I must conclude that Chris’s own one-time experience with drugs pickled his brain to the point that he can’t see simple cause and effect. It’s better to put a fence at the top of a cliff than to put an ambulance at the bottom. Don’t try drugs. Not even once.

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