Thanks, Teen Ink MAG

By Cassie J., Dublin, OH

     I appreciate you publishing such a diverse range of writing. You have given teens a way to get published and I thank you for it. Your magazine is a great way to make teens feel good about themselves, and has greatly impacted my life. Teen Ink has opened my mind to other people’s opinions and provides a more interesting way of hearing them than listening to people whine.

Your magazine provides teens with a way to express their thoughts and not be embarrassed. I am amazed at how talented some teens are at writing, and think it’s great you give them a chance to shine.

I commend you on your efforts in putting together a wide variety of writing. I especially enjoy the poetry section; Teen Ink is the one of the few places that will print such a wide range of poems from the extremely depressing to the happy and cheerful. I always look forward to the next issue.

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