A Wall as a Weapon MAG

By Benjamin B., San Antonio, TX

     I strongly disagree with this article. The author makes severalpoints which are valid, but most are incorrect.

I am disappointed by the term used todescribe the security barrier Israel has built on its West Bank border. The author calls it“the West Bank Wall” but less than three percent of the barrier will be a wall, and thesole purpose for building it is to protect Israeli vehicles from Palestinian snipers. Calling achain-link fence a wall is misleading as well as simply incorrect.

The article also statesthat President Bush has “helped Israel steal 13% of the land promised to Palestinians in1967” by supporting Israel’s construction of the barrier. This is grossly inaccurate.The West Bank was not promised to anyone in 1967 or at any other time, and while the Israelisecurity barrier does intrude into the West Bank to protect Israeli settlements, Israel’sForeign Minister has said that the “fence is movable,” subject to “negotiationsbetween the two sides.”

Finally, the author states that Israel has “broken farmore [United Nations’] resolutions” than Iraq. This is true (with Iraq breaking 54 andIsrael breaking 65), but a closer look at the violations reveals that Iraq had a worse record thanIsrael, since at least 15 specifically mentioned weapons. Israel’s do not include weaponryor inspections violations; most are criticisms of Israel’s military and civilian action toensure its safety.

The author’s deliberate portrayal of the Israeli security barrieras a weapon is a lie, plain and simple. There is no “West Bank Wall,” and thebarrier’s moveability ensures that through negotiation, the Palestinians will be capable ofacquiring the land they want. The comparison of Israel’s UN violations to Iraq’s isapples to oranges. This article’s skewed presentation of the situation is unacceptable in anyperiodical which claims to educate America’s youth.

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