Dogs & Boyfriends MAG

By Amanda C., Wilmington, DE

     I read “Dogs and Boyfriends,” in which the author’s mother chooses her boyfriend over her children. I am very sympathetic toward the author and her sister Carolyn. It must be devastating to feel abandoned by your mother.

The way the author brought a dog into the story was interesting. Her mom had bought a sweet puppy that became a terror. Even though it was dangerous and bit people, the mom kept it because she loved him. It was similar to the situation with her boyfriend, Mark. He was nasty to the girls and cheated on the mom, but because she loved Mark, she would not get rid of him, either.

I give the author’s sister a lot of credit. Carolyn didn’t just dislike Mark, she hated him with a passion and her hatred is what kept Mark from moving in with them. Carolyn stood up for what she believed was right to the extent that she ended up moving out. I really liked this article.

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