North Korea MAG

By Christine W., Vancouver, WA

     I am so relieved to find that there issomeone in the United States who can look past the fear of beingconsidered “unpatriotic” and see the truth. Ever since 9/11,Americans have been riled up to punish someone. Since we’ve had ahard time pinpointing Bin Laden, what better way to release someaggression than to dethrone a long-time adversary? With haphazardevidence and a blind eye to more sadistic tyrants, we ran in with ourguns blazing.

It is ridiculous to think how quickly we rushedinto war without thinking of the repercussions. Now, families are beingtorn apart as soldiers die because we couldn’t control ourimpatience and think rationally to look at the entire issue ofterrorism, and consider more than just Iraq.

But things arestarting to change, and maybe we’re not too far from grace. Maybenow we will realize the importance of fighting terrorism, instead ofsome punks in a desert.

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Raj said...
on May. 25 2009 at 1:20 pm
On behalf of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, I would like to congratulate the North Koreans for their successful test. This will counter the imperialistic ambitions of the Japanese who still seek to dominate other peoples and have not learnt from the two bombs. They still want more. It also counters China who must realise, no matter the deaths caused by nuclear weapons, if it is chinese who suffer it remains an internal problem of theirs and no one elses and is not an issue for everyone else. Well done North Korea you have shown the self sufficiency counters the machinations of other nations who support you when they wish to, provided you do not become an equal, and destroy you when they wish to.


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