Faith (Or Perspective) MAG

By Erica S., Redwood Valley, CA

     I liked this poem by Anna X. a lot. I often try to get people to see both sides of a story and think about ideas they don’t agree with. I’m very opinionated and while I believe there are many things wrong with the world, I really agree with Anna that there is a lot of joy and happiness we ignore. Just turn on the news, they’ll show a murder for half an hour, and then show someone doing good for the community or the world for only five seconds.

All the time I hear teens saying how their lives suck and that they couldn’t have things worse. They moan about how everything’s horrible, but there is so much to look forward to and celebrate. These people just aren’t aware. The world is far better in many ways than it was in the past, but people keep saying how things are getting worse.

Anywho, I just liked how Anna points out to the cynics, to those who feel the earth is totally hopeless, to the people who are depressed about the world, that they’re ignoring the good side of everything. She tells us that she has hope in a world of people who give in, trying to convince us to gain that hope too. I feel these are words of wisdom and guidance in a confused, darkened society. How are you supposed to live without a bit of faith?

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