Teen Lifeline MAG

By Gavin S., Phoenix, AZ

     I found Amber’s article about hertalking to other teens about their problems over the phone incrediblykindhearted. For someone to give up their time to help teens who arecomplete strangers with their very personal problems is amazing tome.

I was unaware that such hotlines existed. I think that itcould help a lot of teens if everybody knew about hotlines like TeenLifeline. I hope hotlines and other programs like this continue, andthat more teens become aware that they always have somebody to talkto.

Editor’s Note: There are absolutely people outthere - teens and adults - who want to help if you need someone to talkto. Teachers, guidance counselors, family members and trusted friendsare all places to start. If you can’t reach someone you know, trygoing to teenadvice for thephone numbers of organizations that deal with topics you may want todiscuss. Don’t feel like no one cares - reach out and you’llfind there are many who would be happy to listen.

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