“A” For Effort and The Anti-Safe MAG

By Lillie W., White Bluff, TN

     I’m responding to two articles in the April issue’s focus on college.

In Nicholas Balzo’s article “‘A’ for Effort” I felt that my opinion was finally expressed. I’ve never known anyone who shares my opinion that affirmative action is discriminatory. It’s true, though - you cannot fight discrimination with discrimination. No one should be admitted to college on the basis of their skin, family background, religion, etc.

When I read “The Anti-Safe” by Briana Wymer, I was moved by a number of feelings. The most overwhelming, though, was pity. Learning is living.

She says she takes the hardest classes she can and does well and is labeled “the good kid.” I am in the same situation, but I don’t feel I haven’t lived. On the contrary, I feel I’m the most alive. Through learning you experience hope, dedication and perseverance. Learning and studying is the most valuable part of a person’s life. For me, it’s fun. I would much rather die knowing I had learned and accomplished rather than having just had fun. Wouldn’t you?

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