Turn Off the Phone MAG

By Jennifer J., Portland, OR

     I absolutely agree with your article about people who drive while talking on a cell phone. I think it’s ridiculous. I would understand an emergency phone call, but to be on the phone while you’re driving just because you’re bored and simply feel like talking is plain stupid.

My older sister was in an accident with a young girl who was on her cell phone, wasn’t paying attention, ran a red light and hit my sister’s passenger side. The person who caused the accident wasn’t hurt at all, but my sister broke two ribs, an arm and a leg.

So of the 2,700 accidents that could have been prevented, my sister’s accident was one of them. My sister now does have a cell phone in her car, but it is hands-free and only for reporting other accidents she may see.

I would like to say that I am just one of the thousands who agree with you.

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