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By Diana C., Phoenix, AZ

     When I came across Vicky S.’s article I was eager to see what she had to say, but by the end I was ready to explode with anger. I respect the fact that she has an opinion, but as a Christian and a citizen of America I strongly disagree. She stated that our country was founded on Christian principles - by that did she mean stealing land, massacre and enslavement? I firmly stand up for my belief in God but I understand that the Ten Commandments in a government office could offend someone in the same way that a statue of, say, Buddha in a government office would offend me.

I believe Vicky had good intentions to show that Christians aren’t intolerant, self-righteous, offensive people, but in saying “if you’re an atheist, well tough ... exercise your right to leave,” she seemed very offensive and intolerant. Vicky, I am a Christian, but I never silence my beliefs. I pray in public, wear a cross necklace and often bring my Bible to school. I do not empathize with you.

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on Jun. 23 2011 at 9:37 pm
TheHangingGirl BRONZE, Winter Haven, Florida
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I have to say, Diana c. , That i understand both point of views. I am made fun of for being an atheist at school from christians, but i would never say anything rude about them. I am sorry if it offeneded you, sometimes we can, but i also want to say some of you are rude, back. 

Thank you for the courage to say something. I admire that :) . Everyone thinks talking about religions are like taboo.


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