Intolerant Christians MAG

By Kyle V., Grantville, KS

     I had a few problems with Vicky S.’s article in the January issue. First, the term Christian means “one with Christ,” so stop isolating yourself, Vicky. You referred to yourself as an American one with Christ and an evangelical one with Christ. One with Christ is one with Christ, so don’t put boundaries where they aren’t meant to be.

Second, America is a democracy, not a theocracy. While many of the founders of this nation were Christians, the first Europeans to settle here were trying to escape a state-mandated religion.

Last, who told you that you had to “believe in the practices of others”? If you want to get technical, you are way too tolerant. In the Book of Exodus, the Lord tells the Nation of Israel to stone to death all those who pray to false gods. This means we should execute people who are not Jews, Christians or Muslims (those of the Islamic faith pray to the God of Abraham, just as Judeo-Christians do). If that is the case, why didn’t Jesus spend his days on Earth throwing stones at homosexuals and Gentiles? Because He came to preach that everyone is guilty of sin and therefore no one has the authority to punish. (“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”) Jesus was tolerant and those who are one with him should be also.

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