I Never Saw It Coming MAG

By Anna C., Bedford, NY

     I read “I Never Saw It Coming” and would like to point out some key factors that are missing in our society. I believe it is inevitable that teenagers will drink. What we must not do is turn our heads and pretend it never happens. We must teach teenagers how to drink responsibly so that when the time comes and teens are offered a drink, they are prepared and know not to do anything reckless.

I believe that the way to solve the growing crisis of teen drinking is to either raise the driving age to 21, or lower the alcohol age to 18. If the two laws were the same, teenagers wouldn’t get satisfaction from breaking a law, and might be more aware of how much they drank.

I feel that if kids are made aware of what alcohol can do to their bodies and are taught to drink responsibly, the number of teenagers killed every year from driving under the influence would be dramatically reduced.

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