Gay Marriage in the U.S. MAG

By Brittiney B., Shreveport, LA

     "Love and commitment are not under the control of our government," writes Brittanie S. She argues that gay marriage should be allowed, pointing out that who someone loves shouldn't be decided by the government.

Even though I agree the government shouldn't have control over whom we commit to, I strongly disagree with allowing gay marriage. Brittanie argues that allowing it has no downside, but in reality, there is one very important downside that can hurt our future.

How will people be able to tell their children that they shouldn't do bad things, like drugs, because the Bible says that it is wrong? How can we punish our children for not following the "rules" when we ourselves have not followed the rules? Basically, human beings are saying that it is okay not to follow the Bible's rules if we feel strongly about it.

In my opinion, God created man and women to be united and committed to each other through marriage. Man with man and woman and woman should not be tolerated. People get carried away with their opinions and forget about morals and Biblical standards. To suddenly stop abiding by the rules of the Bible is insulting our religion.

Also, male and female were created to reproduce. How will we be able to survive if there is same-sex marriage? If animals have enough brains to know what gender to be with, then certainly humans should. Brittanie failed to point out these downsides, which is why I totally disagree with her.

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on Jan. 16 2012 at 7:13 pm
indimcmathz BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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You realize that there's a huge overpopulation epidemic going on around the world right now? And you realize how many other "sins" you and the rest of the world have committed? Finally,Christianity doesn't rule the world. I respect your beliefs but I won't respect an opinion that is based on discrimination. One positive thing though, this was well written.

Bethy said...
on Oct. 1 2009 at 8:43 am
The bible says A LOT of things, such as not to eat seafood, not to wear mixed fiber clothing, not to touch pig skin. Yet, we do all of those things, why should being gay and getting married be any different?
Lots of people have lots of different beliefs. Just because you believe in Christianity doesn't mean EVERYBODY does. The government does not make decisions based on religion.
Do you realize how many children there are that need to be adopted? I believe that we should adopt children before even THINKING about reproducing more.


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