Your Funeral MAG

By Laurie R., Phoenix, AZ

     I loved reading “Your Funeral” by Jemmilyn A. It made me feel better about attending my father‘s funeral recently. He died in a similar way and I did not want to see him either since he was all swollen and I could not believe it was him. I kept looking in his coffin thinking he would get up and say, “The joke‘s on you.” I just could not believe that he was not going to be with me anymore. I wrote him a letter too and put it in his coffin, saying how much we cared about him.

I get happy every time I hear a car pull into the driveway because I think he‘s going to come back like nothing ever happened. But it is never him and I go back to my life filled with sorrow and loneliness, waiting until I can be with my daddy again. Thanks, Jemmilyn, for sharing your experience with us.

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