The Mountain MAG

By Anonymous

     The Mountain” by Benjamin K. wasvery moving. Even though it was fiction, it made me think how desperatepeople can get, not necessarily financially, but mentally andemotionally.

As I was reading it, I thought about my cousin,Elisa, who died by her own hand. When I read how desperate the maincharacter was, I immediately assumed he would commit suicide. Suicidenot only ruins your life, but the lives of those who hold you dear intheir hearts.

When I read the sentences, “He could not livelike this anymore,” and “He pulled the gun out” Ithought, Please don’t kill yourself. My dread made the endingbittersweet since I was sad that he was shot, even though I was happy hedid not kill himself.

I praise Benjamin K. for this piece ofphenomenal fiction.

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