Where Was FEMA? MAG

By Rachel F., Flower Mound, TX


I was deeply disturbed by the article “Where Was FEMA?” not because of the apparent delay in relief efforts in the Gulf Coast, but because I felt forced to share the writer’s opinion through a one-sided argument. I was enraged by the assertion, “Which explains why the country’s leaders are patting themselves on the back for the ‘wonderful job’ they’re doing helping the people on the Gulf Coast.” I don’t know who she quoted because the Bush administration and several organizations have openly admitted that the reaction to the disaster was slow at best.

I share the opinion that FEMA was dangerously unprepared, but Lydia left questions unanswered. The theme “Where was FEMA?” echoes through her commentary, to which I say, “I don’t know, tell me!” The effort put into this article is apparent, but the overall tone and a few slip-ups leave an educated reader questioning its credibility.

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