In Praise of Teen Ink This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

     Before I heard about Teen Ink, I never knew there was any magazinethat was strictly teen writing and art. My friends and I even used to talk about unequal rights forteens and how there is nothing to do in our hometown except go to the movies, the mall andrestaurants, which gets pretty old after awhile.

In middle school, I learned about Teen Inkwhen my teacher explained that we could submit our work. This was excellent news, since my bestfriend aspires to be a writer. This is the perfect opportunity for the younger population who havea passion and talent for writing to get recognition. Plus, I am interested in reading poetry.I’m a sucker for love poems. I can’t write them, but I do love to read them and try tosolve their puzzle of words.

As a freshman, my English teacher explained the magazine inmore detail and talked about the types of writing and topics the magazine looks for. Shedidn’t require that we submit anything but encouraged us to do so, saying that it would be agood opportunity.

Well, the next year came and brought Teen Ink into my life again. I was inenriched English, which requires that we submit work for publication. Before we did, my teacherhanded each of us our own copy to read. I was in heaven. I felt a little silly when everyone elsehanded their copy back and I asked to keep mine. I wanted to take my time and read it thoroughly. Ijust couldn’t get enough of it. I even asked for the Poetry Journal!

Anyway, I lovethat Teen Ink is a magazine full of teenagers’ views, thoughts and opinions rather than thesame old adult outlook. It’s nice to read something and actually understand what the writeris talking about. Not to mention that the photography is outstanding! It’s amazing that thereis such young talent just waiting to be discovered!

Editor’s Note: Thank youfor your thoughtful, kind words. We’re delighted you enjoy your peers’ creativity somuch!

The next Poetry Journal will come with class sets of the April Teen Ink, so get readyfor hundreds more poems from teens across the country.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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