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By Sarah D., Milford, NJ

     I was wondering how often you place recently received writings on your website.

I understand that Teen Ink is not able to post everything (particularly poems) that you receive, but I have been checking the website ( regularly for a poem that my friend sent a few weeks ago and I haven’t found it.

So that’s my question: is there a certain amount of time before you add poems to your website? It would really be helpful and very appreciated if you could let me know.

Editor’s Note: All the content on first appeared in the print magazine. We post each issue so that a wide audience can access this forum of teen creativity.

It’s great that your friend sent us a poem! Encourage her to keep writing. We receive over 50,000 submissions each year and only have room to publish about 2,200 pieces. We may hold a submission for up to a year to publish it at a seasonally appropriate time. If we don’t print a poem or story, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t worthy, though, so keep trying!

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