America’s Problem MAG

By Evan G., San Antonio, TX

     Kelly, I truly agree with your comments in the February issue aboutpolitical parties and how they are tearing our nation apart. It seems that it is not the war ortaxes that cause unrest in the nation, but the very fact that we must have such widely varyingopinions on these issues.

The only point that I disagree with in “America’sProblem” is the statement about America’s youth and our indulgence in politicalparties. Coming from a severely right-wing family, I am a firsthand observer of how parental viewsinfluence those of their children, but I think that this gives children more political openness,not less.

Granted, in our early years we will probably be vehement speaker-boxes for ourparents’ ideals, but as we mature, we shed these identities and select new ones. Afterindulging so heartily in one side of the spectrum and then switching views, we are able to have agreater understanding of opposing parties and their opinions. Isn’t it ignorance that isfueling this conflict? I think so. Being forced into one party ultimately educates us, and thiseducation brings understanding.

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