Politics, Please MAG

By Karri H., Phoenix, AZ

     I have a suggestion: add a new section inTeen Ink where students can discuss current politics. The government isresponsible for how this country is run and we have to live in it. Manystudents are not involved in politics and often have no idea what isgoing on. I believe that the addition of this section would make manymore students informed about what is actually happening in our country.

I know there are many students who want to discuss politics butTeen Ink’s opinion section is the only place where students canexpress their views. We have to share these two pages with everythingthat students have an opinion about.

This section would also bea great place to discuss the war in Iraq, which involves our generationsince whatever the outcome, we are going to have to deal with it. Also,should there be a draft, it will include all the guys who are currentlyin high school. Don’t you think it is important for everyone toexpress their stance on the war since it so greatly affectsus?

Anyway, this magazine is very interesting, but I feel itcould be improved by adding a section devoted topolitics.

Editor’s Note: If we received enoughpolitical submissions to warrant a section, we would certainly considerit. We can only publish what teens send us! See here for submissionguidelines.

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