Adopting African Babies Is Hip MAG

By Devyn R., Fruita, CO

     At first glance, Morgan Piven’s article seemed to echo my thoughts, but I think Morgan focused more on her opinion of celebrities rather than the issue of adopting children. When she wrote “All the flash-bulbs going off in Africa blind people to a problem in our nation,” our opinions took separate roads. I do not believe that any situation here has been overshadowed; all the world’s problems should be considered equal. We do not deal with them piece-by-piece but as a whole.

I would like to ask Morgan what is wrong with using products to get the needed attention? As Morgan said, “They do generate the needed coverage.” If it takes celebrities, toys, and clothing to get the less fortunate what they need, then it is my wish that every product, every celebrity, and every T-shirt be used to advance this worthwhile goal.

I don’t think it is fair to criticize celebrities who adopt these children. At least they are doing something to help. These children will now have lives beyond their comprehension. Let’s quit focusing on how to get the money and help we need as long as it keeps coming.

To those who are helping this great cause, even the celebrities, God bless! Keep it up! You have no idea how great the impact you are making truly is.

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