Marrissa MAG

By John C., Brooklyn, NY

     It took courage for the girl who wrote “Marrissa” to send it to Teen Ink. Many people have met online and lied about themselves. The author of “Marrissa” lied to Nick for years, and he ended up buying her an engagement ring based on her fake identity. At that point, she confessed that she was not who she had said, which was brave. But what would have happened if she had continued with her lies? What if she had blocked Nick, but still lied to another? What if she never confessed? Many more may have been heartbroken.

I am grateful that Teen Ink published “Marrissa” and recommend it to everyone. I do not blame the author for breaking Nick’s heart. She began the correspondence when she was young and didn’t know the dangers of the internet, but she did a good thing by confessing. Safe surfing, everyone.

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