Curly MAG

By Kimberly R., Peoria, AZ

     Thank you so much, Christine, for writing about your curly hair! My curly hair is a testament to my Irish-Italian heritage, and although most people might not find your story about hair significant, raising awareness of diversity is very important. Living in a world of cookie-cutter, flat-ironed, bleached hair grows old, and that is why I love my hair.

When I was younger, I did envy straight-haired girls, but I have not only learned how to manage my mane but also how to appreciate it. My curly hair is a blessing in high school as it sets me apart.

People always ask when I will straighten my hair, perhaps because they are intimidated by the way I look or because I do not fit the teenage girl stereotype, but I will not conform because society wants me to. My curly hair makes me who I am, and for that reason, I am proud of it!

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