Time and Life MAG

By Meredith E., Phoenix, AZ

     I wholeheartedly agree with Eddy T.’s article, “Time and Life.” It totally changed the way I view things in life. I am not much of a risk taker, but this article has shifted my way of thinking. It says, “When you see an opportunity, take it. You might not get it back. Never let an opportunity pass. And if it is too hard, remember that in the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity.” I realized that I just can’t stand around here waiting for something to come to me. Sometimes I have to take a chance and open those doors for myself. Thank you so much for this piece. I got a lot out of it.

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on Nov. 30 2009 at 3:13 pm
I love this article this can be very heart touching and there are very many things that can agree right along with this idea it wasw very bright you must be a very bright person great work love it!!!


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