Thank You MAG

By Kaylie C., Lehi, UT

     Contradicting the stereotypical belief that teenagers do not express themselves appropriately in anything other than video games and television, your magazine paints a picture of what we, as teens, truly feel, and how beautifully some can express it. Your magazine has thousands of pieces about real-life stuff, topics that people actually care about. It is real, up-beat and fun, unlike newspapers and some magazines, and invites the reader to read it, not make hats out of it or burn it.

As you may be able to tell, I highly approve of what your company is doing. I think sometimes we (teenagers, that is) are left in the dust with adults considered so much smarter. Maybe that is true, but we, in our own respect, know what we are talking about, and have talents and opinions we want to share with the world. That is made possible through Teen Ink, and thanks to you, thousands of students are realizing that they like to write. And some are realizing that they can.

In school, our writing is usually limited to what the teacher tells us to do. And often we turn it in and never see it again. But Teen Ink has so many sections, there is no limit to what we can write or draw or do. So, thank you. Thank you for your breakthrough idea to let someone other than politicians and reporters talk for us. Thank you for publishing this magazine, and doing such a good job of it.

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Hilton BRONZE said...
on Dec. 7 2013 at 12:41 pm
Hilton BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I 100% agree with you! I was going to write similar letter like this, but your article just express exactly what I wanted to express. I use to write a lot, but after that there's nothing to do with the writing because there’s nowhere to post it. And like you, in school, where limited to what the teacher tells us to do. I spent time writing, but in the end I don't get to see it; my fellow students don’t get to hear what I got to say. And our voice is only limited to the classroom. Whereas on Teen Ink, there is no limitation - the whole world can read what we got to say.


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