Sunfire MAG

By Thor P., Camp Douglas, WI

     I read the story “Sunfire” by Adam Horn in the June issue. I really liked it, possibly because it reminded me of video games where you have to race for the prize.

“Sunfire” was kind of bizarre, like most video games. Jack woke up one morning and was going to begin his normal routine when, suddenly, he was on a mission. He had no time to dress, wake up his wife, or eat his usual breakfast. In video games, the characters often are jolted out of their regular routines and plunged into a fast-paced adventure. My favorite ones work that way, anyway.

It didn’t seem like Jack was the hero type; it sounds like he was fat and struggled to keep his legs moving. Sometimes the hero in my video games is just an ordinary guy. Those are the ones I like the most because I can relate to them better than the super-hero types.

When Jack was finally able to grasp the sun, we aren’t sure what happens next. Is this the end? Does he burn up? Does the sun burn up? Is the world saved? Does Jack continue on to “another level”? I would like to play a video game about Jack racing to grab the sun. I think it would be really cool.

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