Animal Cruelty Must Stop

January 19, 2010
By toronnn BRONZE, Oak Bluffs,, Massachusetts
toronnn BRONZE, Oak Bluffs,, Massachusetts
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Animal Cruelty Must Stop feedback
Jennifer E.'s article made me think more about animal cruelty and how not all pets are lucky. My dog was one of the lucky rescued ones. When my sister was in college, one of her room mates had a dog. His mother was a dog breeder, and gave him a puppy named Raleigh. It was half Scottish Terrier half Poodle. When his boyfriend broke up with him he got very upset and started beating it. My sister couldn't stand to see him hurt a small puppy, so she called the cops and they were going to take the dog to the pound but my sister decided to take it instead. We gave him a better life. However, he is now afraid of humans and has fear aggression.

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