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January 26, 2010
By Ellie Stern BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Ellie Stern BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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When I read Rachel W.'s article “The Different One,” I was somewhat relieved but also a bit disappointed. I, like Rachel, am a Jewish girl living in a predominantly Christian community. Though there are a handful of other Jewish kids at my high school, I too am often faced with questions about my “strange” religious practices. Every once in a while, I may even receive mildly insulting comments, and though they are never said in a sinister way, just jokingly, they bring small, painful jabs. Though standing up for myself seems indispensable, it just makes me seem even more, like Rachel said, different. Unfortunately, also like Rachel, “different” is the last thing I want to be.

But I would like Rachel and other kids who practice any minority religion to realize one thing: all we need to do is keep educating others, and hopefully one day ignorance will no longer be such an issue.

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