Resident Evil 5

December 23, 2009
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First things first, this game is not a first person shooter. Call of Duty is a first person shooter. Resident Evil 5 is a 3rd person shooter, which is over the shoulder. But still, I agree that the designs for the enemies are incredibly original. They’re not called zombies though, they’re called Majini, which stands for “evil spirit” or something like that. Some of the Majini act like the zombies, but not all of them. But, in my opinion, Resident Evil 5 was not the best Resident Evil game in the franchise. I mean, sure Chris comes back after like, forever, but the game does not stick to the point of the other Resident Evil’s. There is a random virus that Wesker unleashes that’s not the T-virus, it’s Uroboros. But, flaws aside, Resident Evil 5 was a pretty good game. I surprised my dad with it on his birthday, and he clutched me into a bear hug. So, Resident Evil 5 was a good game, but it had some flaws regarding the storyline.

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