One More Sip

December 10, 2009
By Anonymous

I can relate to Jen R. when she wrote about her article"One More Sip". While I was reading this article it reminded me about when I would get home and go straight tomy room and rest and listen to music because would be tired from soccer practice and cross country when it was the season for those sports. I would go to my room to not cause problems because my moms boyfriend would be drinking and he would just want to start to arguing. Sometimes I wouldn't even eat. I would just get out of my room to go get water or to the restroom. With kids around and my mom and her boyfriend arguing would get me mad inside of me so i would just cry in my room because there is no reason why the kids should hear them arguing for some little thingsin front of the kids just because he had one or more sips. Thank you Jen for sharing this oh-so-common problem.

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