The Evolution of Evolution

December 10, 2009
By Joshua1 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Joshua1 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"He also anticipated that people would twist and corrupt it for their own purposes." This one line sums up Charlie's opinion article. I agree with Charlies opinion that Darwin's "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" has been distorted by some over the years. Charlie remeinded me how much I dislike the distortion, or misinterpretation of theories or ideas to meet the ends of a persons desire. I mean it's not a bad thing when it's used as it is mentioned in the article, which was to further medical techniques and opening up new fields of medical theory to help humanioty. That I hae no problem with that but when people begin to twist ideas to meet their own needs like hitler who used his ideas to committ genocide and impose his fantasy world on humanity, then i have a problem with it. Not only does this happen with Darwin it happens with all the great intellects of our modern world, and we as people need to look first at how the people actually wrote or menat it before drawing our own ides that are completely off base and radical that don't come close to waht they meant.

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