December 10, 2009
By Aileen_17 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Aileen_17 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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i found Kennedy O.'s poem "Strong" extremely realistic and moving. While reading through the lines of the poem,i realized that the author made a great job in expressing his feelings towards the lost of his loved one. By doing this the authors makes it easier for the reader to realte with his loss. This poem is realistic to everyone who has encounted with the loss of a loved one, because of the motivation the author gives when he explains that even though he lost someone that meant alot to him; he still had to learn how to be strong and keep on going. I find this poem very moving for the lines scream out the feelings of the author. Moreover, i can relate to Kennedy because I had someone in my live whom i really loved and respected. But due to life situations i lost that person and it broke my heart in two. But even thoughi lost someone important i had to learn how to be stong and keep on going no matter the pain it caused. "Strong" is a very moving poem that touches the heart and reaches the deepest feelings lying within the soul. Thank you Kennedy for expressing how you felt you did a great job!

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