The Mile

December 10, 2009
By brenda lucho BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
brenda lucho BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I wholeheartly agree with Brian E. in his article "The Mile."I agree with him that in a race you give your 110 percent because if you don't you would regret it once it's over. I love the quote "You want to give in. The muscle pain and the heart-through-the chest labor set in, and you look for any excuse to quit." This quote is almost the same that racers think when they are running a race. The choice is up to you. Some quit but others fight thru the pain and keep running. I understand him as a runner. I always try to make a race worth the pain I felt while running. But at the end you know if you did your best.Brian I think you are a great runner and I would never forget this article, thank you.

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