Not in My Space

October 28, 2009
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In my option I think that My space and Facebook and other Internet sources like that can be a very fun interactive place for teens, but I also think that they can be very dangerous and scary. Truly I don’t know how to fix these things that occur on these sites but I think that for most teens they should be aware of what Is happening and should do there best to prevent them. Even though it is a very difficult thing because there are people in this world that try to wiggle there self around rules and laws but other wise I think that the 58% of bulling that is happening on the internet can be prevented, but in my option I am aware that not all of the bulling will come to an end but a good amount of it could stop by people not just accepting friends that, Have the same name, have Mutual friends, or just adding people so you have a lot of friends or other things like that that happen in every day lives. Also a lot of kids even myself have typed things and pressed send with out thinking of what they just sent in to the cyber world because you can never delete that or take it back it is out there forever also with picture that are put on the internet they can never be deleted it really just is a bad sitituation that happens every day. So basically what I ma trying to say is just be aware of your actions on the internet because anyone in the business world or schools can look it our and observe it all.

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