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October 23, 2009
By Nolan Hamman BRONZE, Columbia Falls, Montana
Nolan Hamman BRONZE, Columbia Falls, Montana
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More than a Season

I completely agree with what this person wrote. The summer is nice but I toally know what she is talking about when she says the air is to heavey. One thing she didn’t mention about autumn that I like is the color on the trees. Not to long ago I was at a friends house picking apples and actually enjoyed it. The weather outside was perfect blue sky and not so hot we had to wear a coat. Emily is completely right about the season autumn, and I agree to what she says.
Art by: Jose Hadathy

This picture is sweet first off. It reminds me of myself during school when I can’t focuss at school. My brain is a combussle and I day dream most of the class period. My head feels completely jumbled and I could day dream about anything, and at the time im not focussing on school. I’m just 100% happy. I don’t know why but I am. This picture is drawn verry well and reminds me of myself.

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