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October 7, 2009
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I honestly agree with Tania J. this article do because i have an older brother and a sister both argue about music volume wether its car rides plane rides or boat rides. Its always turn your music down i can hear it. My brother just got over the ear headphones and we can’t hear a peep out of them when he's listening to his music and were being calm. On the other hand i have the ear buds that ? gave to me when I bought the ipod touch. Everybody in the car complains about how they can hear the beat. I do not listen to my ipod loud. I have friends that hurt my ears. when i’m listening to music with them I literally need to take out the earbud and listen to it from a distance. They do not think its loud something is messed up with their ears. There is an option on all Ipods for parents or kids. All you have to do is go to settings-music settings-then lock Ipod. This way you can put your volume to an apropriate setting. I don’t know about the consequence of becoming deaf by listening to loud music but it will definitly make sombody not hear as well as they did before. Also when I go to parties sometimes everybody complains the music is way to loud. I personally love loud music at parties but there is a point when its too loud. Such as when I leave and can barely hear I know it was too loud. Also when people are yelling in their ears and you still can’t hear them clearly.
I also listen to music on the computer.

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