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October 2, 2009
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When I read “The Gift Horse” by McAllister L. it reminded me of the many times I have tried a horse, and before even riding it, made judgments. The first this you notice about a horse is the way it looks. Everyone has a certain preference . Mine is a dark bay with four white socks and a blaze. So when I tried a horse named Francis who was a boring, plain, gray, I knew I did not want him.

When McAllister first saw the horse, she said she would not ride him, not even thinking of giving him a chance. When her trainer Jake persuaded her to try him, she was still unsure. When she rode him, he didn’t feel right. When she rode up to the first jump, they took off too early, the horse’s legs gave out, and McAllister tumbled to the ground. She ended up breaking her collarbone and index finger, but she kept the horse.

This story reminds me of my pony, Tuxedo. I tried him and I did not like him, and decided I didn’t want him. My trainer Sarah knew better. Sarah and my mother went behind my back and got the pony for me. I am so happy they did because he was an amazing pony who taught me so much. So trying not to judge a horse by appearance and giving it a chance sometimes turns out to be the best thing.

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