"Christmas, greediness? No!"

September 30, 2009
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In The article 'Christmas' by Michael B., I agree with him that Christmas isn't all about gifts. Some is about getting together with your family and spending that time with one another and exchanging gifts with everyone. I disagree with him when he says "if you were to read any child Christmas letter..." that it would be greedy and demanding. I think that if you were to look at some Christmas lists, some would ask for a lot and expensive things but on the other hand some kids barley ask for anything or not too much. I somewhat agree with the hypnotized by commercials, that show toys but not everyone is hypnotized by commercials, some could care less about the commercials. For example I was never that greedy but I wanted a few things and my other brother would be hypnotized by the commercials where as I didn't care too much.

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