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September 23, 2009
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I wholeheartedly agree with Jose Montes in his article because dieing is easy but staying alive is the hardest part.It also says in the article "Death" how your life can drasticly change when a member of your family dies.Like Jose Montes I have to experieced what he has in his life.When you dont like a family member but when something bad happens to that person you just wish he or her could come back.All the memories that you had with that person come rushing at you,all the birthdays,the good and bad days,but there is nothing you can do now to bring them back.All that there is left are memories.You wish they were here and regreate all the bad things you said but now your by yourself.So,thank you Jose Montes for writing this article and expressing your true feelings.I have to change my thoughts about life and about my family.

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