"A Show for the World to See"

September 23, 2009
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Jessica Kalin’s poem “A Show for the World to See” is an idea most girls can relate to at least once in their life. I really enjoyed reading the poem because the title caught my eye and the poem was very deep throughout. The purpose of the poem was to tell you about a girl who follows a man’s every command. She is wrapped around his fingers and does not know how to untangle herself. Many girls, including myself, have been put into this sticky situation, and do not know how to wiggle out of it. Some women have been beaten, cheated on, tricked, or just treated unfairly. If so, then why do the girls still stick around? Truth is that’s the only option some women can think of. I have seen many friends with this issue, but just remember to not forget who you are. Stay strong, and look at the other options lying around, waiting for you to pick them up.

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