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June 11, 2009
By Tori Caudillo BRONZE, North Platte, Nebraska
Tori Caudillo BRONZE, North Platte, Nebraska
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It’s sad how siblings take their anger out on each other. I too have expressed my fair share of frustration and selfishness toward my sisters. I do feel bad, though, after we fight. I know it probably hurts their feelings.

In “On His Birthday” by Michelle S., how did Zach keep a smile on his face? He was so optimistic; I would have broken down and cried! It’s probably his confidence in the fact that although they are yelling and mad for no reason, they love him.

This story shows what siblings do to each other. I think a lot of brothers and sisters learn to treat each other badly from TV shows. Reality shows probably have the most impact. They teach young adults to be rude and mean – not just to siblings but to parents and friends. Instead they should show how kind brothers and sisters can be to each other.

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