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October 31, 2019
By Lilliana BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Lilliana BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“A Traveler’s Take on Journaling” by Cassie Muenchen from Phoenix, AZ, perfectly captures the experience of travel journaling. Muechen’s language puts readers in the scene with her as a travel journaler. She describes how she feels about what she sees and how she feels about what she writes in her “Survival Guides.” My favorite aspect is her ability to stress the importance of the little things on vacation.

Ever since I was 8 months old, I’ve traveled with my family to many locations. Some of my favorite spots I’ve visited are Paris, London, and Prague. I, just like Cassie, also appreciate the little things I see on vacation, such as a mesmerizing ice cream creation or a gorgeous, tiny fashion boutique. Muenchen says, “After all, it is the small details of life that have the biggest impact and create the best memories.” This quote is so important to me because I feel that vacation isn’t just about the monuments, but also about getting a feel for a typical lifestyle in a new environment. Each word of this piece sends an important message to all readers who may want to write while traveling or any readers who want to learn about the true worth of vacation.

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