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Majoring in the College of Humanities- The Most Useful

March 26, 2019
By renee2247 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
renee2247 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A big round of applause for Kira Mortensen for her article "Majoring in the College of Humanities- The Most Useful "Useless" Thing You'll Ever Do." Kira adresses a problem that many high school graduates have when it comes to saywhat you're majoring in, including me, although I'm still not a high school graduate. This problem mostly affects the graduates that are thinking of majoring in something outside business or medicine. Kira says, "I changed my major and told everyone that I wanted to major in business management" because she was terrified of telling people that she wanted a major in art history. Kira forced herself into believing that she was going to enjoy it and how successful she was going to be, but then she got exhausted about choosing a career that wasn't her passion. This happens every time, it has even happened to me, changing my thoughts on my major because I get so terrified of how people would react. I can really relate to Kira's article because I, too, get terrified of choosing a major people would deem "unsuccessful" but Kira showed me that we are the ones who choose how successful we can be. Thank you, Kira for being brave and writing this article, and for showing me that we can be successful no matter what we choose.

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