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Grandma said the F-Word

November 6, 2018
By renee2247 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
renee2247 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A big round of applause to Molly Grazioso for "Grandma said the F-Word." Her words left me feeling satisfied, happy, and amazed. The word "feminist" is seen as something bad these days, and it shouldn't be that way. "Both genders deserved fair and equal treatment" says Molly, and she's not wrong. Feminism is about getting equal treatment, the one that society doesn't believe we should have. I agree with this article, because it shows us exactly what feminism is, and what it stands for. Lastly, I want to thanks Molly for writing this article, and for showing us what it is to be, and to be raised, a feminist.

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