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April 22, 2009
By Dina Berliner BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Dina Berliner BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Zaid Q.’s hero article on musician and antiwar activist John Lennon was both ­informative and enjoyable. I’m sure most readers know about Lennon’s greatness in the musical world, but they may not have known he was an activist too.

Being a big Lennon fan, I was surprised to find that I didn’t know certain details of his life. This article inspired me to listen to some of the songs Lennon recorded without The Beatles that promoted world peace and tolerance.

I, like Zaid, view John Lennon as a hero. Although he was killed at the age of 40, his message was heard around the globe. I think his perseverance should be admired, even though it has been almost three decades since his death. Zaid’s article was, I believe, a great tribute.

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