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April 22, 2009
By Jordan Radebaugh BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Jordan Radebaugh BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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I can relate to “True Nightmare,” the story of Sophie W.’s trip to the dentist. She illustrates why she hates it, and her fear of ­being there. She first describes what the ­office looks like, the hated tools, and the torturing posters. But I think the best part is how she portrays the dentist.

“True Nightmare” is very descriptive. I like the concluding paragraph, which says that all her fears and hatred teaches her the importance of that evil place and why everything is the way it is.

The writer has a vivid imagination also. She views the poster as an evil, demented smile, and imagines that the masks the dentist and hygienist wear are to cover their twisted smiles and laughing.

I will never think of the dentist in the same way again. I have never liked getting that ­letter telling me it’s time for a visit. When I read those words, I get chills up my spine. This is a great story!

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