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English Muffins, Math Tests, and Hotel Rooms

September 25, 2018
By KayleeKrei BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
KayleeKrei BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled, “English Muffins, Math Tests, and Hotel Rooms,” written by Gisele Kinaebel, talks about a day where nothing seemed to go right and how stress caused a breakdown. They’re writing left me feeling a bit annoyed and maybe slightly jealous. As I continue to read this story, I begin to spot emotions, opinions and situations I can relate to or have experienced myself. I find school work incredibly stressful. Plus, the lingering reminder that one slip-up could cost me a semester’s grade, haunts me constantly. The pressure of test scores and homework becomes too much to bear, and eventually, the stress leads up to a breakdown. Just as Gisele Kinaebel writes, ”You’d already spent the majority of the study hall after math class crying because you were the only one who didn’t get all of the questions done.” However, Kinaebel also writes of struggles with friends. This, I personally cannot relate to for I’m terribly anti-social and haven’t managed to meet anyone to form a friendship with. I find the character in this story extremely lucky. After all, it was only, “one score on a test,” as Kinaebel writes, only one bad day. On the other hand, there are so many people who seem to fail repeatedly, over and over again, even though they try their best and work hard for what they want. The situation of the story, in my opinion, would be just a minor issue that everyone has had to deal with in their life, and could be much worse.

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