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weeping for sadness

August 31, 2018
By natallie-borg BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
natallie-borg BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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        The truth behind Maeve Brennan's poem "weeping for sadness" is extremely important. Being a person who has gone through the same despair, I can completely relate to the never-ending feeling of emptiness and a sense of overwhelming fatigue. Brennan beautifully explains the toll that sadness has on a person as she uses words such as "collapse", "ache", "leave", and "beg". The topic she discusses, although hard to talk about, is crucial to one's mental health. This emotional poem truly encompasses large thoughts and feelings while going through a rough patch of emotional despair, or even serious depression. Not all of us have been there, but speaking from experience, Brennan's piece describes the process most closely. Thank you, Maeve Brennan for opening up a new world into which others can finally understand the struggles of depression. 

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