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The Room: Old Sins

August 30, 2018
By Jared-son BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Jared-son BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I really enjoyed Ryan Zollinger's description about the mobile game "The Room: Old Sins." The way he focuses on all aspects of the video game really inspires me to give the game a chance. By giving an introduction to the game with, "You are in a dark room" and "swipe to look around", I was able to get the basics of the mobile game. To add on, Ryan gets very specific on the quality, and price which are crucial for any game review. Thank You Ryan for the detailed and informative review about the game "The Room: Old Sins." I will definitely give the game a chance thanks to you!

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on Dec. 18 2018 at 9:49 pm
DrPUZZLER BRONZE, South Jordan, Utah
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Thanks for the positive feedback Jared. I hope you like the game. If you liked The Room: Old Sins, I would suggest playing The first three games in the series (The Room, The Room Two, and The Room Three), along with the Cube Escape series!

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